We’re doing our bit to be eco-responsible!

19 October 2021

We’ve been inspired by some of our clients who have shown us ways in which their businesses operate to reduce their impact on the environment and lower their carbon footprint.

We had a team pow wow to discuss how we can ensure that even as a small business, we are doing our bit for the greater good too. Here’s a summary of some of the positives we noted we’re already doing – we plan to add to this list other ‘green’ steps we’re taking to help conserve our planet over the coming months.

Greener Dream Team

1. We try to cycle or walk to to work –

The exercise sets us up for the day and we feel we’re helping to cut pollution in our city – this is definitely easier in the summer months when the sun is shining and the beach is the best place to be!

2. We car share where possible –

We think sharing is caring so we always try to share lifts to and from customer meetings and events.

3. We wear more clothes rather than put the heating on –

We prefer to wrap up rather than hike up the heating – obviously this saves ££ but also precious heating energy.

4. We’re a paper free office –

We have just one bin and recycle anything we possibly can!

5. We love our posh office coffee machine and we drink A LOT of coffee

We do our bit to reduce plastic waste by recycling our coffee capsules.

6 We choose cleaning products and brands that are eco-responsible and buy in greater quantities

To minimise packaging waste and transport costs.

7 We buy local –

We want to support other small, local independent businesses so we make the effort to choose local suppliers where possible (from printing to pastries!)

8. We’ll choose holding a video conference call over a face to face meeting

It means it saves a car journey and associated environmental impacts.

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