The importance of infographics

21 February 2018

What exactly is an infographic, and why should your business have one?

Put simply an infographic is ‘a visual representation of information or data, e.g. as a chart or diagram.’ But if we delve even deeper into the meaning of an infographic, you will soon discover that they can be very beneficial for your business. 

Here we have listed our three top tips as to why an infographic is the key to success.

1. Grab your attention

We are visual creatures, and well put together design and attractive graphics tap into our brains. Simply put, infographics are much more fun to read than plain text!

2. Make complicated information more understandable

We have all heard the saying ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words ‘. And well in this case, it couldn’t be any more true. Effective infographics convey lots of data in a relatively small space.

3. Boost brand value

Infographics go beyond telling people about your brand, they show it! They reflect value, knowledge and skill, and this is why it is important that an infographic is a true representation of your brand… we always make sure to include your company logo, web address and if necessary contact details. So the next time your considering shouting about some interesting information, why not consider asking us for some help?! After all we love to design. And creating beautiful, bespoke infographics that are designed to meet your business goals, is something that excites us as much as it does you!

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