Summer Vibes at Creative Clique

05 July 2023

We know how lucky we are to work in an office by the beach. Between the aromas of bacon sandwiches sizzling in pans from the seaside café below and the sound of the ice-cream van setting up at their daily pitch, you can hardly blame us for partaking in the occasional morning/afternoon treats during these summer months.

Add to this, great views and the salty sea breeze sweeping through our office windows as we work on our latest creations, and it’s fair to say that summer at Creative Clique is a joyful place to be.

Iced coffee

Some of us in the office refuse to give up our daily hot coffee, but Jo is a master at making the perfect iced coffee to help cool down – with a much-needed caffeine kick to boot! Luckily, we have plenty of cafes to buy ice from nearby. Well, okay then, we may just try the cold version, Jo 🙂

Iced lollies!

Whether you prefer orange, lemon and lime, or even the debatable coco cola flavour, we all agree an iced lolly treat on our daily walk keeps our creative juices flowing and happy vibes all around.

Summer radio

As creatives we work best when there is a buzz of energy around us. That’s why the radio is nearly always on in our office and feet are usually tapping under the desks. Radio Two is currently providing the tunes to keep us in rhythm – the sunnier the tunes the better!

Happy summer vibes from all us here at Creative Clique!

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