Laura’s blog 23

15 May 2015


Throughout this week I have got given a variety of jobs including a number of poster designs, a banner design and Creative Cliques own design for an advert in the Southsea directory!

For the directory advert I got to work with Creative Cliques newest team member Louise (aka the Clique Club Captain), Louise provided me with the text for the advert and I had to lay it out using Creative Cliques design style.

The poster design this week was for our client Bernards Estate Agent, this was based on an existing banner design.

As for Poppy, she went in for major eye surgery this week! Luckily she is now on her way to recovery, however she unfortunately does have to wear the cone of shame for a whole month.

To finish off this weeks blog post, I had some very delicious chocolate cake from the Aspex Cafe downstairs!

Despite Poppy’s surgery, as always it has been another great week!

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