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20 March 2023

Over much deliberation, hours of painstaking research and interviews, and following a unanimous decision on the best candidate for the role, we are delighted to announce a new addition to the team – our brand new all singing and dancing coffee machine!

You may be asking, why the big deal? What’s the fuss about getting a sparkling new coffee maker… coffee is just coffee, right? WRONG!

The art of making coffee, talking about coffee, savouring coffee and rating every single cup of coffee we drink is a real passion for the team at CC HQ. It’s what we like to do! Every coffee is prepared with love and the quality of beans (never EVER instant) and a trusty machine is fundamental!

The 10.30am coffee (yes, we have an exact time when the nominated barista of the day sets to work, fixed in stone) and this begins with warming the cups for precisely 5 minutes. Next on the job list is the round robin call for coffee preferences – oat or cow, froth or milk, one shot or two? Some of us have the same order every time, occasionally someone throws a curve ball and decides to swap their usual frothy, milky latte with a hard hitting espresso! Gasps are sometimes heard!

Once our mid-morning drinkies are carefully crafted and delivered to desks, it is time for us all to down tools for a few minutes, look away from our screens and come together in a shared blissful moment.  One at a time, we’ll take a sip, thank our coffee making colleague for their efforts, then give verbal feedback on our coffee’s strength, taste and presentation, for all to hear. It’s a favourite and fun team ritual, and the compliments are, especially with our new machine up and running, flying around the studio.

Coffee time for us here is also an opportunity to bond as a team, to catch up on titbits of last night’s telly or find out where everyone is with a client’s important project. It is valuable and important to enjoy this brief time where we pause our individual tasks, and remind ourselves we are one big coffee-loving team.

So, we stand by writing this official and formal welcoming blog post for our newest and very popular team member. He/she/it has already settled very nicely into the fold of the Creative Clique team and we look forward to enjoying the skills, expertise and team motivation our employee brings in the future!

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