Laura’s blog 14

27 February 2015


So its the end of the second week at the new office and we are all settled in… this even includes Poppy, who with no surprise is still snoring louder than a human!

During this week I have been asked to design a number of e-signatures for Creative Cliques own purposes, this ranged from the promotion about our fantastic Clique Club to the advertisement of a part time social media and marketing role we’re recruiting for!

Ive also been working on the redesign of a brochure for our client Bernards Estate Agents, this has been challenging and I’m not sure I have yet mastered how to balance pages correctly, but it’s a great learning curve.

To finish with I must say that Jo’s influence appears to be wearing off on me in more ways than one… i.e – we both now own the same leopard print skirt, but its fair to say Jo did it have it first :)!

See you next week…

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