Sparking creativity: An animated journey with Creative Clique

02 May 2024

At Creative Clique, we relish the opportunity to collaborate with clients who are passionate about making a positive impact. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Simmons and the SPARK Community Space, and it’s been an absolute delight bringing their vision to life through animation.

Working alongside Rebecca and her team at Spark, we embarked on a journey to create an animated explainer video that encapsulates the essence of their mission and values.

But what is animation, Creative Clique style?

Put simply, it’s a potent vehicle for storytelling and communication. Businesses can harness its power to distill complex ideas and messages into bite-sized, engaging content that captivates and inspires audiences in mere seconds.

Now, let’s dive into the story behind Spark and how we translated their mission into an animated masterpiece. Spark Community Space, founded by Rebecca Simmons in Southsea, is a beacon of hope for those who feel marginalised or overlooked by society. Their mission is simple yet profound: to provide a welcoming space where individuals can find support, purpose, and belonging.

The Creative Clique team collaborated closely to bring Spark’s story to life through animation. Beginning with brainstorming sessions to understand Spark’s mission, they crafted compelling copy that resonated with the audience.

Our designer, Jonathan’s expertise in storyboard design ensured each scene flowed seamlessly, capturing the essence of Spark’s work. Through feedback and refinement, they created an animation that truly reflected Spark’s vision and engaged viewers emotionally.

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