We think explainer animations are 60 second promotional gems…

13 July 2021

Explainer animations are a wonderful promotional tool because they stand out online and catch the attention of a prospective customer. A moving animation will engage an online user on the screen over a static image when scrolling on social media platforms. Explainer animations also brings your company or products to life, as there’s the option of adding voice overs, sound effects and music.

Here is our very own animation demonstrating what we can do.

A few beneficial ways you could use an animation:

  1. A summary of what your company does
  2. A visual tutorial of a service you provide or product
  3. To showcase something new; a product or a service
  4. To visualise important statistics

Explainer animations are also not just restricted to being used online, you could play these in a face to face meeting or over an online zoom meeting – this cuts out the worry that you are talking too much to your audience.

We also design these in house – so no lengthy waiting around and we will make sure we understand what our clients’ visions are and realise them.

It’s really beneficial to learn new skills and keep evolving to appeal to new and regular clients. It’s a great feeling when the animation comes together and the client is happy with the finished outcome.

Jonathan, Creative Clique Graphic Designer

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