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24 April 2020

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Every organisation or business knows that having an online presence is one of the many useful tools in its toolbox to help it to build and grow successfully.

Now that we are amid the COVID-19 crisis, the rules of online engagement have changed – now is the time that an online presence is by far the biggest hammer we need to pull from the tool box to keep our companies upright and strong. We need to make sure we remain in touch with clients and prospects, by being close to them online. Here’s some of the reasons why and some tips on how you may want to strengthen your online marketing, particularly your online social media activity.

Tip 1 – Remember that life will carry on… at some point.

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Whilst everyone is uncertain about when everyone’s daily lives will be back to some sort of normality, it is probably fair to say that this situation will not go on forever.

Firm future plans and normal daily lives have been put on hold right now. But your customers will have plans, hopes and dreams that that they will still be looking to fulfill, maybe at a later date, maybe on a different scale. Whether it’s a holiday, moving house, getting fit or even taking up that hobby. People will still want to make changes in their life that your business can help with at some point in the future – there will be demand for your products and services – their purchase has simply been postponed.

Tip 2 – Keep your brand top of mind

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The people that shout the loudest get remembered. Keep a constant trickle of helpful or fun information with your name on it going and it will keep your business top of mind.

Tip 3 – You have a captive audience – make the most of this

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Now, more than ever, there will be individuals who are on their mobiles/tablets and computers at home. It’s a good time to consider social media paid adverts (these are actually cheaper to run than many people think). The good news, is that you can turn these on and off as and when your budget permits and you can track engagements easily using the built-in analytics from these platforms to measure success, in addition to looking at your website hits/visitors/call to action conversion rates.

Tip 4 – Build up a new audience

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There are lots of new social media community groups being set up right now. For example – there are support groups for parents looking for ideas to entertain their children, local neighbourhood watch groups and community health and keyworkers support groups. Perhaps your product or service would be of particular interest? Join the groups, ‘listen’ to what’s being discussed and if your business is relevant and useful, join in the conversation.

Tip 5 – Tell your customers that you’re open and what you’re doing differently

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Some people might assume that because your business ordinarily operates a face to face service and it’s usual to visit their office or shop to obtain it, that you are now closed. Remind them that there are lots of ways for them to communicate with you – they can email you, phone, LiveChat or they can fill out a form on your website. Use social media and tailored online newsletters that point them to the virtual shop window (your website) so that they can see you’re still operating and view all your wares.

If you have tailored your service to accommodate social distancing, shout about it. You might be a restaurant or café that’s now introduced a delivery service, an estate agent that is now offering video viewings on properties – share this new information with your clients!

*** BONUS TIP***  Finally – tell your clients that you appreciate them and their support at this time!

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It’s a worrying time for everyone – you want your families, friends, staff and clients to be safe and happy now and in the future. Show these people that you care by sending them messages of support. Convey that your business is responsible and compassionate – say how you’re protecting people and let them know you’re doing everything you can to promote safety and health.

Tell people online exactly how your business is doing its bit by helping others. Perhaps you’ve donated to a food bank to help vulnerable families or you might be running errands for the elderly who are self-isolating. Whatever your good deed, it’s a positive message to your audience of how you’re contributing and reminding them of the little things that they can do to help too.

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