Our relationship with Solupak has flourished since they first engaged with us to help them improve their website functionality and content. This company is very dynamic, with new products regularly coming to market, so they were perfect candidates to join our Clique Club; as members they enjoy a bespoke tailored package of services for one monthly fee. Their inclusive plan includes design time, collateral production, web updates, social media management and many other marketing benefits.

Solupak are very customer focused and forward thinking, so they are real advocates of our explainer animation video creation skills – they use videos we create for them with their clients and distributors to highlight the benefits of Solupak’s eco responsible cleaning solutions.


I know I not only speak for myself but the whole Solupak team when I say working with Creative Clique has been a breath of fresh air. Jo, Glenn, Flo and the rest of the CC team very quickly gained an understanding of the areas of our business where they could best support us and when faced with the many projects we have placed before them, regardless how vague, have developed high quality end results. No matter the size of the query we have we are met with enthusiasm and simple solutions that enable us to be constantly growing our offering. Where we have been faced with time sensitive tasks Creative Clique have always responded with positively and exceeded our expectations.

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