At Creative Clique, we take pride in our dedicated partnership with Revive, a vibrant health and wellness centre, located in the heart of Southsea. As their marketing firm, we are committed to fuelling their brand and marketing.

A New Logo

Revive entrusted us with the task of creating a captivating new logo, one that would truly embody their essence and evoke a sense of rejuvenation and vitality. The lotus flower was carefully chosen to symbolise its transformative journey, emerging from the depths of murky waters to a state of full, radiant bloom. This deliberate and philosophical design decision choice mirrors Revive’s steadfast dedication to personal transformation and the pursuit of inner beauty.

Marketing Collateral

Alongside the revitalised logo, we stand ready to create a range of engaging marketing materials for Revive. This encompasses attention-grabbing flyers designed to eloquently convey their services and core values to prospective clients. Moreover, our expertise extends to crafting distinctive signage that not only amplifies their physical presence but also ensures their brand stands out in a competitive marketplace.

Social Media Management

We also manage Revive’s social media pages, strategically curating content to enhance engagement and forge genuine connections with their audience. By implementing tailored posting schedules and compelling visuals, we amplify Revive’s brand message in the digital sphere, driving increased visibility and growth across various platforms.

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