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15 May 2015

What a fabulous week it’s been.

We have invited another member to our Clique Club, signed 2 new clients up for a website refresh as well as being invited to pitch for a much loved local medium size business new website design and development.

The most exciting event of this week has to be welcoming our very own Captain for our ever expanding Clique Club. Please welcome Louise to our team.

Louise will ensure all our Club members get the attention and support they deserve. Louise will be the dedicated single point of contact within our team for all our Club Members and she will look after them on a day-to-day basis and manage all our Club Member benefits from now on.

Louise is an experienced Marketing Manager and has most recently been looking after social media, PR and marketing campaigns for an IT company. She has worked client-side in a variety of organisations for most of her career so she will ‘get’ your wants, needs and pains better than most!

Feel free to email a ‘hello’ [email protected]

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