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28 November 2014

Oh dear we’ve been a bit busy, here are Laura’s blogs for the last 2 weeks!

Week 8
During this week I have learnt the difference between spreads and pages, and why the correct one needs to be selected when sending documents for print. I been given a lot of different design tasks this week, my favourite being two Christmas Card designs for St Johns College.

As well as this I have been working on a 32 page brochure, making sure that the design style was consistent, I also designed a third christmas card for a different client in which Glenn showed me how to photoshop elements onto a photo.

We also went out for lunch this week and I tried sweet potato and courgette chips, which were really really nice!

Finally Poppy went for a good 1 hour walk, from one end of Southsea to the other meeting a lot of other dogs on the way!

Week 9
This week I’ve been given a lot of fun design briefs, my most favourite being a tariff board design. I was able to create the basic layout for the tariff board, and Jo then advised me how to make key information stand out so it’s easy for the customer to read.

I have also completed a final menu design this week as well as creating some fun, exciting ideas for business cards designs which I really enjoyed doing.

Finally Jo also gave me the brief to layout a menu which was going to be placed into a tender document, at first I struggled because I wasn’t exactly sure what a tender document was but after being shown many great examples of previous menus designed for a tender document, I was able to start a basic layout in which Jo demonstrated how decreasing the font size can make the overall design look much more readable.

Another good week filled with a variety of jobs!

P.S The balloons were for one of Jo’s many networking talks this week.

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