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07 November 2014


This week Jo has given me a wide variety of jobs, but my most important job was completing amends for a 38 page brochure, some parts of this I didn’t understand but Glenn and Jo helped me through it! This task not only involved changing content but also adding in new pages, this is when Glenn and Jo taught me about the idea of consistency, making sure that all design elements are the same on each page, for example the size and of font. I learnt how to use master pages within indesign, this is a really quick way to apply something to each page in the document. I used this when creating a left and right footer for the pages.

This week has also involved starting some ideas for a Christmas card for a corporate cleaning company….the first step was to look for some inspiration, and after doing this I got to work using Illustrator! My favourite idea so far is using cleaning symbols to form a bauble shape!

On a last note Poppy went out for a rather long walk this week.. past Canoe Lake.! This time I defintly made sure to give her a 5 minute rest!

See you next week.

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