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17 October 2014


I’ve been at Creative Clique for a full month now!

This week I’ve been involved in designing a leaflet and pull up banner for Creative Clique’s own marketing purposes. At first I did struggle a little with this one, however after looking for inspiration in a few books I soon came up with some ideas the team liked

I was also let loose on menu designs and had the challenge of making words form the shape of a coffee cup for a second t-shirt design! I enjoyed doing the menu designs as I got to experiment with different styles and layouts but the challenge of forming a coffee cup out of words was just as enjoyable, especially so when the end result did resemble a coffee cup!

I also got the chance to work on some artist impression drawings for Bernards Estate Agents this week. I learnt all about patterns in Illustrator.

My final task this week involved creating a few designs for a comp slip. I used one of the many design books in the office for inspiration and came up with three concepts which involved using the brand colours and logo.

On a last note I took Poppy out for a shorter walk this time and made sure not to go all the way to Canoe Lake! It didn’t seem to make any difference though as she still spent the afternoon sleeping!!

See you next week …..

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