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10 October 2014


Ive been with Jo and her team for four weeks now and this week involved an exciting trip to the printers!

Jo had booked a visit to The Green Tree Press printers in Eastleigh for Thursday morning and I was very excited to finally get to see what exactly happens once a file has been sent to print.

I was given an in-depth tour of the printers, afterwards I focused on two main departments: reprographics and the factory floor.

While in reprographics I was taught about both old and modern ways of printing, which was really interesting, this involved looking at positive and negative film as well as witnessing a plate being printed. I was then shown exactly what crop and bleed marks were used for, as well as the slug and registration marks.

After spending a lot of time in reprographics I then got to see a mass print production on the factory floor, Dave from the Green Tree Press showed me four different machines which all served different purposes. what I really found interesting was the process of how colour was placed onto the paper. I witnessed a plate being placed into the printing machine and then watched it as it was turned around each individual colour drum. Exciting stuff!

Of course the printers wasn’t all I got up to this week, as always Jo and her team had assigned me a variety of design tasks to complete! One of which involved using lots of layers in Illustrator.

Until next week…

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