Laura’s Blog 33

11 September 2015

This week Louise and I have been holding the Creative Clique fort as our Clique leaders are taking a well-deserved holiday. I haven’t been taking a break though as Louise has made sure I have been kept busy!

My jobs for the week ranged from designing a poster for our client One Under Lime to re-sizing images so they are suitable for use as Facebook headers. I have also got to design an A5 handout for our client Bernards Estate Agent and work on a number of menu designs.

My final jobs for the week included coming up with some ideas for a business card design which our client was very pleased with.

Poppy, our trusty office pooch, is also on her holiday this week ….. I’ve missed her but we had a new lodger for the week! This was Burt – Louise’s ever so cute puggle hound.

I can’t forget to mention the massive sculpture that has appeared in the Aspex gallery as part of the Someone and Something 2015 exhibition. It’s at least 5 metres tall and looks AMAZING!!

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