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03 October 2014

Throughout this week I have been given a wide variety of design briefs which included a tender, a t-shirt and a poster design. Some were more difficult than others, but Jo, Glenn and Simon are always willing to give a helping hand!

I really enjoyed designing the t-shirt for the GoSaSa – the design was based around typography. I was given some examples of the style of typography I needed to create, it included varied size words, all the same width. I’m really pleased with the end result. We’re yet to hear the client feedback, so fingers crossed!

A brief I found more challenging this week was a tender design for a school catering company. This involved creating a cover design which didn’t come across child like and reflected the vision of the company. The team had already come up with a few ideas (which were already so good!) after Jo showed me these I was let loose on my own ideas!

At first my designs weren’t very impressive. But after a little research and showing the team my ideas each design was getting better and better. A design that was liked used the transparency tool to create a more interesting background effect.

Jo and the team have been so helpful even when they have been uber busy! As soon as I am struggling they whizz over on their chairs in an instant, and help me straight away!

On a final note I also took the office dog Poppy out for a long walk during lunch, but I think maybe next time I won’t walk her all the way to Canoe Lake as she spent the majority of the afternoon snoring!

Until next week!

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