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26 September 2014

This week I’ve learnt how to correctly set artwork up for the printers, including how to add crop and bleed within Indesign. Glenn sketched out some helpful drawings which showed me exactly what bleed and crop marks are and explained why they’re needed when sending files to a printer (the standard bleed mark is 3mm).

I’ve been involved in creating a range of designs this week, one of which was a huge pull up banner! This involved making sure everything was scaled (especially the photos) as well using vector images to make the design look more interesting.

My favourite task this week has been designing an in-house leaflet for Jo to handout at a short talk she was presenting. This involved placing text onto the page in an interesting way. Jo’s theme for her talk was ‘bursting with ideas’ this is why I chose a balloon shape as a way of holding the top tips, it’s also consistent with her topic – I hope you like it!

See you next week!

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