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27 March 2015

The last blog post for the month of March!

This has been a week I will not forget as Jo very kindly took me along to the Portsmouth Expo. This was one of the best experiences yet and our stand was definitely best in show, it was quite literally ‘out of this world’.

During this event I got the chance to approach people and talk about Creative Clique explaining about the types of work we offer. Jo was excellent at this and it was a good experience to see just how she does it! As well as this I got the chance to have a go at speed networking – a very scary but useful experience.

Of course I best not to forget to mention the great variety of jobs I was given this week. This included a poster based on an existing design, a new image design for Creative Cliques referral gifts and the re-design of a leaflet. The best job this week had to be for Creative Clique – this was the referral promotion leaflet, where we will be giving away an afternoon tea delivered to your desk if you refer a client (amazing I know).

What a great week it has been, but unfortunately no new foods!

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