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20 February 2015

We have been a bit busy over the last few weeks but I think it is about time I wrote another blog post!

Since the last blog post we’ve moved to a new modern office above an art gallery in Gunhwarf Quays, and its fair to say that our first week went with a bang… quite literally when Glenns bike tyre burst making the loudest noise ever!

Although Jo and Glenn have been busy with the move, I have still been given loads of jobs over the past couple of weeks ranging from window stickers to a book layout and I even got to have a go at using mail chimp which was something completely new all together!

I liked doing the window sticker design for a local estate agents, at first I created a design that looked on brand but didn’t promote the message all that well. After creating a number of options I was then shown how to place the design onto a photo of the window in photoshop.. another new skill learned!

As well as the above Jo gave me some e-signature briefs for both Bernards Estate Agents and for Creative Cliques promotion of the new move.

And finally we are aiming to try every restaurant at Gunwharf Quays, this started with Carluccios in which I had a carbonara with some parmesan cheese. It was so nice but a little to much for me to finish, not to worry though as Glenn and Simon polished it off.

Im looking forward to going to the next restaurant however Jo is insistent I try an oyster.. something I’m not all that excited about!

Oh and I best not forget that Jo has won an award for being an apprenticeship ambassador! We have a meal to go to and hopefully some sort of trophy to collect … I best make sure to do a blog post on this when it happens!

Until next week 🙂

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