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12 December 2014

So December has given us our best sales all year. Therefore we’ve been super busy, here are Laura’s last 2 weeks worth of blogs…

Week 10
Another great week rounded off with another blog post, so here it is..
At the beginning of the week I designed an e-siganture for Creative Clique, I had my first attempt at designing a powerpoint template and got to layout some more menus. The end of the week saw me designing an A6 double sided flyer, in which Jo helped me with layout ideas. Jo also showed me how to check a files size which is a useful tip to know!

And I also tried my first ever macaroon and it was so so so nice!!

Week 11
During this week I got to design a Christmas e-signature, a poster, business cards, and a word based chart. But my biggest brief was to layout two word documents of text into two seperate brochures.

For the brochures I followed a column layout and made sure to use the tool which Jo has taught me for starting a new column in order to avoid lots of return spaces! The brochures involved using images from a photo library in which Glenn showed me how to narrow search results down to the type of images we required. I was eve rso pleased when Jo commented that my selection of images were perfect for the clients target audience.

The Christmas e-siganture was a good brief, but I went over the top with some of the Christmas elements.. so Jo showed me that a better impact can be made if a bold colour is used alongside minimal christmas elements.

On a final note the Christmas countdown has began and this week saw me trying my first ever mince pie… but I think its safe to say I won’t be having another any time soon!

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