January 2017


I love a Monday morning when … … the postman visits the studio to drop off a copy of a premier luxury lifestyle magazine, in which the fruits of our work appear for all to see! Loved seeing our advert and editorial for one of our Clique Club client…

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May 2016

I’ve joined Creative Clique!!

Hello! I’m Marie and I’m introducing you all to me and what I’m about! I’ve joined Creative Clique as the social media assistant, otherwise known as ‘social media sailor’; we love giving ourselves great titles here at CC. I’m a freelance make up artist…

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January 2016

André’s Food Bar

We’re excited to announce our most recent branding project. We also have the pleasure to call these guys a member of our Clique Club. See below the press release: Southsea’s oldest sandwich shop is Southsea’s newest addition! André’s Food Bar opens on…

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November 2015


So I missed last weeks blogs post, but it can only mean one thing – that we have been super, super busy! But here’s a new one for the end of a new week and what a brilliant week it has been! I have got to work on a lot of Christmas based items this wee…

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